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An award-winning disaster resilience game designed to engage your group & build cohesive teams. Best of all - it's facilitated by YOU!
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Global Impact

10,000+ players worldwide

Engaging Gameplay

In-person, facilitated

No Cost Materials

100% free to download

Flexible Format

12-48 players
Disaster-resilience brought to your community


Players work together to make decisions and solve problems during an engaging, fast-paced disaster simulation that takes place in-person over the course of 60-90 minutes.

There are 3 scenarios from which to choose: earthquake, hurricane, or flood
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Designed by LabX at the National Academy of Sciences, Extreme Event has been used to enhance resilience for hundreds of communities around the world. 

Some use cases include:
  • Community engagement programs
  • Campus safety & resilience projects
  • School curriculum supplement
  • Emergency Managers connecting with community

How to Play?
All you need are 12-48 players and YOU to facilitate the in-person game! Get your free materials and let us know about your favorite part of the Extreme Event game experience!
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Both the Extreme Event game itself and the Facilitator Certification Program have both won awards for innovation in the resilience-building space.

We made the list. Now come see what it's all about!
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Anyone can host the Extreme Event game, but are you ready to take yours to the next level?

Join the growing community of trained facilitators sharing the Extreme Event
resilience-building game with their communities around the
world - get certified today and take your Extreme Event skills to the next level!
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What people are saying  

If you think this game can help your community education and preparedness activities, it's definitely worth taking the time. Especially if you don't have a lot of experience facilitating!
If you are focused on resilience outcomes and instilling confidence at the community level, this is a spectacular program!
I'm planning to tell my colleagues in my program to recommend this to them. It's good for both learning the Extreme Event game and becoming a great facilitator. I learned both!

     A certification tier for every level of facilitation experience...

Want to get multiple people certified?
Email labx@nas.edu for group discount rates! 


Following our 2020-2021 pilot offering, the LabX: Extreme Event - Facilitator Certification Program (Tier 1) is now open for registrations. Even if you're not ready to start your certification journey today, we'd love to stay in contact with you to share more about the program!
Thank you!

Certified Facilitator Roadmap

With each tier of certification, LabX facilitators will grow in their confidence and competence when delivering the Extreme Event game, sharing resilience best practices, and empowering their communities to take action by preparing for natural hazards & disaster incidents.

  • 3-Tier program to grow skills over time
  • Self-paced content
    & Cohort-based programs
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Get started today!

Extreme Event is an award-winning, in-person role-playing game that gives participants a taste of what it takes to build
community resilience in the face of disaster. Players work together to make decisions and solve problems during
an engaging, fast-paced disaster simulation led by a trained facilitator.

Developed by the National Academy of Sciences’ Koshland Science Museum (now LabX) in collaboration with the
ResilientAmerica Roundtable, Extreme Event’s content draws on recommendations from the seminal National Research Council report Disaster Resilience: A National Imperative and has been reviewed by experts and staff of the National Academies.

What do certified facilitators have to say?

This will help your agency and community be more prepared and resilient. The skills span more than just Extreme Event. Everyone in EM should strongly consider taking the facilitator certification program and become part of this great network!
This is a great program for entry level facilitators - there is so much value in the discussions and materials. Extreme Event incorporates many elements into a cohesive and understandable game!
This is a tool that you can add to your toolbox if you're looking for team building activities & strengthening relationships... it's a great opportunity to get people thinking in creative directions and encourages creative problem solving. 

Everyone has a role to play. | It's all about coalitions. | We're in this together. | You can't plan for everything. | Resilience starts at home.

The five Extreme Event themes drive the entire gameplay experience. With meaningful discussion, engaging activities, and thoughtful collaboration, you can incorporate the Extreme Event game into your learning, community engagement, and other initiatives to highlight the importance and approachability of resilience-building methods.

Seriously, don't take our word for it...

This is a worthwhile program! There is great value add as a certified facilitator. This is a great excuse to engage communities and organizations in new ways!
This course is a helpful tool. Great opportunity to learn Extreme Event and consider new ways to engage!
I would recommend it for sure. I would say for someone like me, be prepared to go outside your comfort zone, but it's a safe place, you'll be fine and it'll teach you a lot.
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